Interest Check: うちゅうのピクニック(uchu no pikuniku) Desk Mat Sample Update

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your interest in the uchu no pikuniku deskmat. I know it’s been a while, life has a way of disrupting your plans.🥺 The samples have finally arrived and I am so excited to show you guys. I can’t believe the quality of these initial samples!

The edge stitching on this amazes me as it looks really clean and there aren’t any frays.

It uses pantone coloured threads to stitch all around the edges of the deskmat.

There will be 2 colours and 2 kinds of surfaces available.

The smooth surface is a microfibre material. It has a smooth silky surface for easier mouse gliding movements. It has a smoother print quality as compared to the rough surface deskmat.

The rough surface are made up of mixed materials. It is a more textured type that provides a more controlled mouse movement. 

Both surfaces serves different purposes so it depends which one you like more.

Overall, I love both surfaces as they both have their own unique features. Deskmat sizes are TBC. Stay tuned for more updates real soon!