Kewpie Mayo Tray Raffle

Kewpie Mayo Tray Raffle
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In addition to Narutomaki - Kewpie Mayo artisan keycap, I’ve also made a kewpie mayo tray for keyboard building needs. To put springs and switches, stabilizers, or just to put daily keys and knick-knacks. Overall it just makes building keyboards much cuter and fun!

Take note: Raffle Sale Policy

Raffle Form

Raffle form opens from 10 Sept, 9pm SGT for 24hrs.There are only 10 available for the raffle.

What's Included

  1. Narutomaki – Kewpie Mayo Artisan Keycap (MX stem, multi-shot resin cast)
  2. Uchu branded display case
  3. An authenticity card
  4. Card display stand
  5. Limited edition weatherproof Kewpie sticker
  6. Limited edition Uchu Icons sticker sheet
  7. Uchu logo stickers x2 (1 of each: holo, colour)

Shipping Date

End Oct 2021

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