Kewpie Mayo Figurine Raffle

Kewpie Mayo Figurine Raffle
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I’ve always wanted to make my own figurines, so I started playing with polymer clay and I’ve made a small batch to go with Narutomaki -Kewpie mayo artisan keycap. I’ve had so much fun making these.

Take note: Raffle Sale Policy

Raffle Form

Raffle form opens from 10 Sept, 9pm SGT for 24hrs.

There are only 6 available for the raffle, each piece will be numbered at the bottom, e.g. 1 of 6.

What's Included

  • Comes with a limited edition Kewpie uchu logo sticker.
  • Made out of Polymer clay & UV resin.
  • 6~7cm in height, 2.7cm wide.

Shipping Date

End Oct 2021

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