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I am Joyce and based in Singapore. I joined the mechanical keyboard hobby in late 2018, and that made me dive deep into it. I have always loved making handicrafts, and I wanted to combine both my passions together. So, here we have UCHU.CLUB!
I love the Outer-space and decided to go with a branding name that revolves around that. ‘UCHU’ is the Japanese hiragana for “cosmos” or “universe”.

I design everything from new products, printing as well as photography. I also package all your orders and mail them out personally. I’m a one-woman show, and I appreciate your patience and support! :)
We try to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging to a necessity basis. Apart from the products, everything else is made out of paper (including shipping materials).

I was the main organiser for the biggest Singapore Mechanical Keyboard meetup (not for profit) in 2019. You can view the Instagram and event photos here.

For updates on our journey, please follow us on InstagramDiscord!✨